Exciting News!

Our final audition day for the Summer has just been announced!  Please submit to casting@RainsworthProductions.com

For more information please have a look at our Backstage notice.

Who are we?

  1. We are a group of filmmakers, bustling with exciting new film projects, and we love what we do.

What projects are we currently working on?

  1. We are working with the Moving Pictures Institute for our 2014 feature film Skirting Authority, alongside an incredible team of people who are working hard to put the project together.

  1. We are part of the fellowship program at the MPI for our feature-length documentary How To Secede In Business.

  1. We have just received funding for a short film called Down With The Man, a truly exciting collaboration with author J. M. Jennings.

  1. We are currently shooting a sitcom called Capitol South in Washington DC with director Rob Raffety, in conjunction with Tragedy Plus Time Productions, and a team of critically acclaimed writers pooling some astounding talent.

  1. We are co-producing Office of Dead Letters in collaboration with “Little y Theatre Company” at the NYC International Fringe Festival.

  1. We are entering our work in film festivals all over the world, and everyone in our team is very much involved in the industry:

Who are some of the people on our team?

You can find out more about our team members under the Who Are We tab. Some  of our members on the Board of Advisors include:

  1. Chiz Schulz: nominated for 2 primetime Emmys and 2 daytime Emmys, Executive Producer of A Soldier’s Story (nominated for 3 Oscars), Producer of Seize The Day (Starring Academy Award Winner Robin Williams);

  2. Pierre Romain: executive at Sterling Worldwide Entertainment, former Vice President of Giraldi Entertainment, worked with Virginia MadsenArtie Pasquale, and Kiefer Sutherland);

  3. Rachel DeBenedet: Broadway Star of Catch Me if You Can, nominated for “Best Female Dancer, Broadway” at the 2011 Astaire Awards. Her other Broadway roles include The Sound of Music, Nine, The Addams Family and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, amongst other productions

  4. Ed Dessisso: Hollywood writer and producer who has worked with actors like Meg RyanTom HanksWesley Snipes and Judd Nelson)...

        ...the list goes on.

How can I join the production company that’s also a community?

Film makers:

  1. Drop us a line and tell us what you do best: editing, sound, cg, gaffer, camera op, writer, etc.

  2. Come to our free networking events and introduce yourself.

  3. Register for our producer/director seminars where we have Q & A’s with industry giants to tell you everything you need to know about distribution, funding,  and entertainment law.


  1. Come to our auditions to join our pool of actors, which we draw upon for upcoming projects.

  2. Introduce yourself at our free networking events like Movie Night.

  3. Check out our Audition Masterclasses, to learn from and be seen by some of NY’s top casting directors, as well as put yourself forward for our own in-house projects.

I want to star in my own project, how can I make that happen?


  2. Set up a meeting with us and pitch us your idea for a project! We can help you with fundraising, writing, production, and may even choose to take on the project ourselves at Rainsworth Productions. Get advice from the people who are creating all of their own opportunities, and get connected in their network.

Rainsworth will give you what you’re really after:

A way to move forward.

Rainsworth does what no other production company or casting agency does...it fosters talents in a way that both prepares actors and filmmakers for industry reality, while providing networking opportunities within its circle.  In this aspect, Rainsworth outpaces any film school in the world, while saving you untold thousands in the process. 

- Sean Buttimer, Director