Rainsworth Community

The Rainsworth Community networks people from all areas of filmmaking. It is a family of actors, technicians, casting directors, and established professionals that we work with and support. We connect people with mentors, instructors, and crew members to help bring projects to life and to provide essential skills needed to excell in this industry.

As well as being a full-service productions company, Rainsworth offers a series of masterclasses on audition technique to pair actors and singers with experts in film and theater. “There are thousands of actors and singers investing their time and money in acting workshops,” said Naomi Brockwell, Rainsworth Productions CEO. “Those classes are sadly wasted if you don’t have the skills to succeed in an audition. That’s why at Rainsworth we’ve reached out to established casting directors and producers who can teach actors what they need to know to get cast.”

The masterclasses offered by Rainsworth Productions emphasize putting actors in the mind of casting directors. Choosing the right monologue or song, dealing with performance anxiety, and setting oneself aside from the hundreds of other prospective actors are just some of the elements highlighted in the classes. Rainsworth draws upon producers, casting directors, Broadway stars, entertainment lawyers and other leading industry experts to critique and mentor actors and singers.

“Put yourself in a casting director’s shoes,” advises Brockwell, who most recently worked as casting producer on the upcoming indie feature Audition, “If you have been sitting through months of auditions, seeing hundreds and sometimes thousands of people come through, you can imagine that you are going to see a lot of people who sing well and act well. So what puts those very rare few—the ones who get chosen—above the rest?”

Those skills and more are covered by the experts who work with Rainsworth.