Filmmaking Projects

As part of the Rainsworth Productions community, we provide services to help filmmakers get their projects off the ground. This includes working with filmmakers and connecting them to people who can help with line-production, distribution, and fundraising, and also facilitating film projects for actors looking to pitch pilots or scripts. “In our latest casting we met a number of actors who already have scripts or sitcoms in mind,” said Naomi Brockwell, Rainsworth CEO. “Many of the people we spoke to would love the opportunity to film a pilot episode to show to producers. To make ‘calling card’ pieces, which are a great way to get noticed. It’s not nearly as hard as people think. We want to help.”

Rainsworth Productions is presently engaged in casting and pre-production for several of its own projects. However Brockwell sees it as potentially assisting smaller projects to benefit actors. “We’re looking to expand our network,” said Brockwell. “We can do that by making our resources available to actors who are a part of our community. For performers who already have an idea or script-in-hand, we could sit down with them to outline a plan; suggest crowdfunding websites or private grants and fundraisers we’re aware of.”

From there Rainsworth will offer the same equipment and staff which it uses to produce its own films to actors looking to get short projects made. “It’s entirely possible for an actor to produce a five-minute trailer starring them, to shop around to producers. Crowdfunding and low-cost equipment make it easier than ever before. We’re happy to offer whatever we can, from guidance and support, to our company’s resources and personnel.